Legal fees

The legal fees charged by Dossi ZODOGANHOU take into account a number of factors such as: the amount of time spent on the case and the complexity of the case.

The following types of fee are commonly charged:
  • Hourly fee: This is the common fee charged by lawyers. This fee is based on the time spent on the client’s case.
  • Flat fee : this fee applies only in simple matters. Its amount is freely determined by the Lawyer and his/her client before working on the case.
  • Complementary result-based fee: this fee must be combined with either a flat or hourly fee. Such fee is determined beforehand between the client and the lawyer.

Basically, the complementary result-based fee consists in a lump-sum or an amount which is proportionate to the sum granted to the client in court.

Because French law strictly prohibits fees which would be solely based on the result in court, the complementary result- based fee is therefore paid only in case of a positive litigation outcome.